"Life is not a problem to be solved. It is a mystery that can only deepen more."  

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This is what the picture would look like in my perfect world. Each day I strive to reach this picture through my work and my personal acts. Here is what I would be doing, where I would be living, and who I would be associated with once I achieve the goals I’ve set out for my life. This Perfect World picture keeps me focused and positive about any events and circumstances I might face. I am open to this picture changing as my experiences get deeper and more varied. But for now, this is where I want to be eventually.

World of Work: My office won't be too high up in a tower but will overlook an inspirational library and a water fountain. Internally it would be set according to principles of Feng Shui and the soothing sound of chimes. Time would fly by as I work.

Dream Home:My house would be spacey but cozy and it would have Indian motifs and ethnic household stuff. A pretty chandelier on the ceiling. My oil paintings adorn the walls and greet guests with refreshing warmth. I imagine my own studio up on the terrace where I can paint away on lazy days. And a Study full of the best literary works from Aristotle to Dan Brown. And of course, a huge *ss TV.

Perfect Porch: There will be birds chirping outside during the day and a light breeze in the evenings, sharing a joke with a loved one on the garden steps over a cuppa tea. An outdoor pool with a huge natural waterfall.

My Niche: I would live in a suburb of thinkers and feelers… Philosophers, scientists, writers, astrologists, theologians and artists.

Social Scenery: I'd have exclusive traveling privileges and could go the world over to visit family and friends, attend parties, lecture as a visiting professor, go to professional conferences, and make business trips in style.


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