"Sarcasm is pure resentment and anger disguised."  

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My Perfect World

Weekly Success Practices

These are life-long deeds I wish to invest my free-will in. Life is short and precious, with no guarantees for anything. That is why I felt the need to get these goals down so that I can bring myself back on track to where I want to be as a person. Again, I reserve the right to change these goals because I might change with time. I find it very useful to revisit these goals and fit my short-term activities and actions to them. These measurable goals would help me get to My Perfect World.

Get a PhD.
I would like to pursue my PhD degree in a year or two, either in Philosophy or in Organization Development. My unique interest is in applying Philosophical theory to the successful implementation of interventions in organizations all over the world. I yearn to go back to campus-based education and immerse myself in the university experience that will further contribute to my knowledge and quality as a person. Doing my B.A. and M.A. at university changed my entire outlook to life and it was here that I found where I eventually want to be. Away from cut-throat corporations, but still impacting organizations to become more socially responsible, and of course teaching minds of tomorrow at university and getting my research published by committing to be a life-long learner.

Share this Website.
I wish for www.Mubeena.Net to grow so that I can not only offer business service, but also to create change for individuals and management teams across the globe. I intend for my personality to evolve by making this website my mirror and conscience. I fully intend to use this site for the purpose of changing minds and hearts to think holistically and positively with unlimited resolve. Besides marketing the site, my goal is to constantly represent myself through it so that it grows in direct proportion to my own personal and professional growth. With the inception of this site, I want to let you know what I think, do, believe, and yearn for in the hope of planting the seed of thought in someone elseís mind. I have chosen this medium as a change agent so that I can wave to many people far and wide despite the distance, space, and time between us. I believe we are all related and hereís my attempt at realizing this belief.

Speak French Fluently.
It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to become fluent in the French language. The reason is for pure enjoyment and for me to attain a well-rounded world culture. French is the language of many great thinkers of the past like Voltaire, Descartes, and Sartre. Learning French also connected to my PhD goal because a doctorate in Philosophy requires proficiency in one of the romance languages. I just think French sounds very sweet to the ear and sophisticated as well. Iíve always had a flair for languages, noticing accents and diction variances. Languages fascinate me because there is so much diversity in the world I can hardly begin to imagine how boring it would be if everybody spoke the same way! I definitely need to live in Paris at some point and get immersed hearing the language around me. Voila.

Be a Better Artist.
I paint in my free time mostly with oils. I'd like to eventually have regular exhibitions, opening up my work to critique by those who are better painters than me. I want to practice more varied techniques with different mediums to reflect the messages in my art. I also have a vision to create a unique experience for my clients combining art and consulting. I am currently working on a couple of business ideas that merge my love for art and the field of Organization Change. I strive to be a better artist to satisfy my need for personal achievement. I want my art to evoke feel-good moods and emotions in everyday people, to lift them up, to make them smile, and have them forget about their troubles by meditating on colors and shapes. I am currently still experimenting with my own original style, and hope to find my niche. I hope to have an unconventional gallery, a noisy place of fun and frolic inspired by art on the wall.

Be a Philosophic Consultant.
I envision myself as a global organization development consultant by being the tool that unleashes change. The most unique aspect about me as a consultant would be my use of Philosophy in business. Right now I am a consultant, but my goal is to increase my reach, quality, and get as many great references as possible. Change is truly genuine when ideas have deep support, and there are positive experiences all around as a result. So it is not the survey one uses or the psychometric test that does the trick. It is the way a consultant manages each and every conversation within the client system that eventually leads to transformative change. When breakthrough transformation has been achieved, an organization has very little to gain by going back to its original state. My model is to create value-based systems in organizations that profit from serving the community with the highest standards of ethics and responsibility.

Write a Book (or two or three).
I express my beliefs, opinions, thoughts, and intentions best in the written format. I believe the way one writes can make a huge impact on the world if the words get into the hearts and minds of people. I dream about writing books on Philosophy and Business, incorporating into it the human spirit for all three of these arenas to come alive. Iíve been an avid reader from a very early age, and it is definitely without doubt the one thing I can attribute my sense of self to today. I treat all of my books with a sense of spiritual purity about them because they contain wisdom of the ages, and the future of our world. Words shape thoughts, thoughts shape minds, and minds affect our next plan of action. The purpose for me to write is to express my view of the world, and for others to try out new ideas, get inspired, and think different. All my books would be philosophical in nature, but very simple to read. So watch out for me in a few years!


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