"Miracles and contradictions exist because love exists."  

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During the course of my week, I try as best I can to engage in the following activities. Without them, my week does not seem successful and productive. These activities help me come close to where I see myself in the future, and who I want to be as a person.

Paint. I cannot relieve the stress nor celebrate the good things that have happened during the course of my week if I donít connect my paintbrush to a canvas. When there are no words to describe what I feel, I paint away.

Seek a Friend. Connecting with a friend and having a truly meaningful conversation is part of my growth as a person. We are all social animals, and I need to make sure I am there for my friends.

Read. I owe my entire personality to this sacred activity. Dedicating myself to reading does wonders for my mood, my mind, and my maturity level. If you donít know what to do with your life, start reading today.

Mubeena.Net. This online space has become my cozy little room in the World Wide Web. Updating the site keeps me on my toes in my real life and acts as my mirror, my conscience, and my accountability yardstick.

Planning. Charting out activities and tasks for my coming week gets me out of procrastination mode and into an energetic proactive mode. Although I am known for my spontaneity, having a little direction gets me more creative.

Beauty Routine. I find that keeping up with my beauty regimen is one of the most difficult things to follow-through on. Sad but true, looks affect how people perceive us. But I do it more out of health, vitality, and feeling good inside.

Cook. I love food! So in combination with my creative instincts, I am a natural cook. Iíd like to learn a new dish at least once every 2 weeks. I enjoy all the different colors, flavors and aromas, and that cool crackling sound.

Professional Connection. Maintaining contact with my professional network is so important. You never know where your next piece of business is going to come from, and I believe my most crucial business practice is to get feedback.

Philosophize. I almost never miss out on this one. Reflecting on philosophical questions is second nature to me. I have been thinking about the world and why we exist ever since I can remember. I think (therefore I am) and write it all.


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