"Be yourself because everyone else is already taken."  

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These “Cool Quotes” are my favorite sayings, invented by myself but inspired by others who have crossed my path. When I need an energy lift, I do two things: drink two bottles of water, and/or read these powerful words. They are intellectual, sacred, light, shiny, and always succeed with a feel-good moment.

I hope they help lift your day and your thoughts, pushing you to believe more in your worth and discover a hidden potential that is screaming to jump out. So go ahead and play some soft music while you meditate on these ideas…

“Facing more failures increases the chance of success ten-fold.”

“If you really do want to be safer, move out of your comfort zone.”

“Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.”

“Science is no different from Art. Conclusions are based on individual perception and sensory experience.”

“Life is not a problem to be solved. It is a mystery that can only deepen more.”

“Love is not blind. People are.”

“Plan your day and always expect the opposite.”

“Sarcasm is pure resentment and anger disguised.”

“If you really want something for yourself, give it to others first.”

“True love comes to those who believe without seeing.”

“Turn Impossible into I’M Possible.”

“You will truly shine when you still your mind.”

“Energy has more to do with calmness and discipline, not hyperactivity.”

“First impressions are always misimpressions.”

“Superficiality is clutter, so cut it out.”

“Measure what you are today against what you can be tomorrow.”

“True love always yearns for complimentarity and difference.”

“Nothing is black and white, and there does not have to be one truth.”

“Arrogance goes hand-in-hand with ignorance.”

“99% of intelligence is imagination.”

“Wondering about the existence of the universe is a sign of a higher state of organic evolution.”

“Ultimate peace is Knowing Thyself.”

“Results don’t mean much when you thoroughly enjoy the process.”

“If you can’t find what you are looking for, create it.”

“You will receive divine intervention only if you leave no stone unturned.”

“Miracles and contradictions exist because love exists.”


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