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To apply my knowledge of Organizational Psychology to facilitate the development and core performance of organizations with a focus on research-based analysis in Human Resources and Change Management strategies.

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University Month, Year Qualification
Hofstra University
New York
May 2003 Master of Arts
Industrial/Organisational Psychology
Hofstra University
New York
May 2001 Bachelor of Arts
Psychology and Philosophy
(Departmental Honours in Psychology)


Dubai Educational Council,
Government of Dubai
Analyst April 2007-May 2007
Creation and development of job descriptions for 20 new departmental positions without actual job holders. The mission was to generate an accurate and realistic job preview for employees that were yet to be selected, and align the responsibilities with competencies created for each position. These milestones had to be achieved in this effort:
o Studying the nature of the new positions, and assessing their fit in the overall organization structure
o Facilitating the department heads to re-evaluate the content and titles of the new jobs based on department goals
o Creating an original job description format to incorporate competencies required for each job
o Documenting job descriptions based on changes of the organizational structure and content of the new jobs
o Ensuring the alignment of the new jobs to assessment centres created for the purpose of valid employee selection

ETA Group, Dubai, UAE www.etamne.com
Facilitator Aug 2006-December 2006
Documentation of Job Descriptions for technical positions within the Mechanical & Engineering Division of the company. The primary goal of the exercise is to positively exceed criteria for the Dubai Quality Award (DQA). The Focus Group method was conceived to elicit relevant job data. The following are steps undertaken in this effort:
o Derivation of Job Description elements based on study of the DQA criteria
o Customizing the Job Description design in line with strategic Human Resources objectives
o Design of a structured and strategic Focus Group session agenda
o Facilitating focus groups to acquire essential, specific, and relevant information about each job position
o Documenting each position in terms of key elements that describe its scope, impact, and results for the company

M.A.H.Y. Khoory, Dubai, UAE www.mahykhoory.com
Performance Management Consultant Feb 2006-Present
Development of a Performance Management System based on systematic Job Analyses. Responsibilities include designing the entire process, and being a facilitator in renewing the organization's compensation strategy to fit in with the resulting performance system. I am involved with the primary design and implementation of the following:
o Job Analysis data collection
o Revising the compensation strategy in line with business goals of the organization
o Facilitating group workshops to derive key performance indicators from high-performing employees
o Re-evaluating pay structure to reinforce identified performance measures
o Formalizing the Performance Appraisal process

Federal Foods, Dubai, UAE www.federalfoods.com
Change Management Consultant Dec 2005-April 2006
A Positive Whole-System Transformation (PWST) effort that involved intense facilitation of the top team in the company. The project involved generating ideas from structured interview process from within all sections of the organization, and using this data to design a transformational 3-day offsite meeting that ensured a paradigm shift for the organization. The following milestones were achieved leading to the success of the effort:
o Creating an organizational assessment tool
o Conducting an organizational analysis of core issues
o Co-creating a detailed 3-day meeting with a Planning Team
o Facilitating the transformational offsite and recording a specific follow-up action plan during this event

Scholar Stationery, LLC, Dubai, UAE www.scholarllc.com
Change Management Consultant June 2003-Feb 2006
An in-house consultant to the organization with matters related to personnel selection and organization development. Designed and facilitated the first organizational team-building retreat over 3 days to set goals, strategies, and action plans; currently working on achieving the goals of Human Resource Management and follow-up work to the 1st Scholar Team Transformation Retreat
o Gathered employee feedback data across all sections of the organization to set up a large-scale intervention
o Acting as mediator between employees and management, between management and parent company
o Designed and facilitated 3-day agenda for top team transformation and organization change initiative
o Created format for documenting Job Profiling and business processes documentation

Solutions Middle East, Dubai, UAE www.solutions-me.com
Recruitment Consultant Aug 2004-September 2005
Part-time consultant responsible for large-scale recruitment of sales and technical IT professionals, coordinated with recruitment agencies interviewing candidates according to job criteria. Developing organizational development tools and moulding corporate culture into a self-motivating learning environment.
o Recruited 5 IT sales professionals into the organization using my own personal network
o Improved organizational processes for selection methods
o Designed job description formats and methodology

Ashira Self-Development Consultancy, Dubai, UAE www.ashiraonline.com
Organizational Consultant Feb 2004-Dec 2004
External Consultant involved in research and development into tools and techniques for Organizational Assessments. Primary work in Organizational Development and HR Consulting services; Designed research study exploring UAE’s Best Practices in Human Resource Management. I am credited with designing and writing these original proposals:
o Training Needs Analysis procedure for 75 employees for a large Shipping company
o ‘AssessOne’ Program for the upliftment of Emarati women for the Executive Office of the Government of Dubai
o ‘The Benefits of Networking’ interactive seminar for the Dubai Women’s Business Council
o Best Practices in Human Resource Management in the UAE Survey project
o Employee Competency Assessment procedure for large construction supply company
o Employee Satisfaction Survey Study design and methodology for large lubricants supply company

o Microsoft Word, SPSS, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel
o Excellent verbal / written / graphical communication
o Excellent public speaking and presentation creativity / design

• Member of the Dubai Human Resources Forum (DHRF)
• Member of the American Psychological Society (APS)
• International Affiliate of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
• International Online Member of the Organization Development Network (ODN)
• Member of the International Society for Philosophers (ISFP)

1. Contributor to Human Assets Magazine, the only HR publication in the Middle East
2. Design of proprietary survey study of UAE’s Human Resource best practices
3. Design of psychological consumer survey for Scholar Stationery’s brand image study
4. Consulting on freelance basis done in following areas: Training Needs Analyses, Pay Grade Structures, Job Profile Documentations, Business Process Mapping, Time-Management Protocols, HR policy and employee manuals, and Competency Assessment Modelling.


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