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Organization Development

Seasoned expertise in the following areas related to Organization Development and Human Resource Development.

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HR Strategic Success Model

Corporate Writing: Professionally written documentation including Job Descriptions, Business Process Manuals, and HR policy manuals. Formats for documents unique to the organization offered for the prominent use by the organization.

Competency Modeling: Designing customized competency assessments for employees and developing programs to improve their work-related performance. In addition, developing a specific competency model for the organization based on its critical success factors.

Training: Besides assisting in the creation of training programs and delivery methods, the focus would be on thorough evaluation of training to assess transfer success. Note that training would not be conducted by me, but by the internal person whom I would train.

Proposal Steps: An economical way of engaging in large-scale organizational interventions is by following specific guidelines by the consultant, without their direct involvement. Proposals can be created to be used within the organization.

Research Studies: Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires designed according to the needs of the organization such as employee and customer attitudes. Conducting internal validation studies of tools used by the organization and modifying these tools.

HRM System: Strategically designing the organizationís Human Resources Management System in its entirety. This includes devising strategy for alignment with the companyís objectives and future vision, designing processes that connect HR functions together.

Performance Management: A system created with the employee group dedicated to the continuous improvement of job performance, installing a performance appraisal process that is based on specified expectations and required competencies.

Executive Coaching: Individual consultation and professional guidance on work-related performance. The coaching process is primarily based on deep philosophical counseling, emphasizing the relationship between personal self and professional accomplishment.

Employee Selection: There is a difference between hiring and selecting a candidate. This service is meant to research the validity of selection techniques and tools for their effectiveness at bringing in high-performing employees into your organization.

Succession Planning: One of the most overlooked aspects of an HRM system, and a typical problem in organizations in Asia and the Middle East. We would work together to transfer, develop, and reinforce leadership skills to the next generation.

Compensation Analysis: Analysis and revision of the organizationís compensation structure to reflect changing values. Designing pay grades with the vision of supporting a clear career growth path for employees and the intention of a fair and just system.

People Development: An inspiring set of processes that would allow internal and external customers to connect emotionally with your organization. Leadership cannot be taught in a classroom. We would need a combination of coaching, mentoring, and hands-on practicum.

Strategic Planning: Facilitating interaction to obtain employee and management commitment in the establishment of the right strategies to generate business results.

Team Performance: Building high performance executive and other key teams.

Organization-Wide Change: Systematic and systemic integrated approaches to transforming the entire enterprise.

Department Reform: Inter and intra departmental relationship-building, communication enhancements and participative re-engineering.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Formulation of core organizational processes into a unified and coordinated enterprise as a result of mergers or acquisitions.

ROI Measures: Sustainable business results including enhancing profitability and stockholder value using valid data collection and analysis on Return on Investment.

Organization Re-Design: Fast socio-technical system re-design involving the entire organization in large group sessions.

Management Excellence and Leadership Development: Changing operations and management systems while helping leadership become outstanding leaders.

Stakeholder Satisfaction and Success: Involving customers, strategic and competitive partners in communication and trust building ventures in the context of other total system change needs.

Company Alignment: Creating 1000ís of individual, team, division and system wide commitments and action plans that align with the corporate direction.

Organization Re-Structuring: Shared leadership and empowerment efforts that move the organization from hierarchical to interactive structures.

Succession Planning: Assisting CEOís and/or Top Executives find their successors and start the new regime with total system change effort

Global Alignment: Fast global alignment to business strategy, vision and core values.

Company Culture: A comprehensive culture change via identity re-formation, information sharing, trust building as a result of the quickening of competitive and changing environment demands.

Feedback Systems: Utilization of live 360 feedback process for individuals, departments and cross functional teams, and methods of applying the data to increase effectiveness of systems.

Quality Process Re-Engineering: Renewing total quality/re-engineering programs.


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