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Questioning My Career Choice. Carving out My Identity. Discovering my Calling. Refining My Talents. Waking Up to What I Love. Questions About My Line of Work.

I have asked myself time and again about why I have chosen to dig in the big bad world of performance consulting. Almost every second person calls themselves a Consultant. “Another consultant!?” some people would exclaim. Gone are the days when a consultant came in and started dictating to their client what they should and should not do (if this is what your consulting firm is doing right now with you, please fire them and get in touch with me).

Consulting with your organization and coaching your team requires a facilitative guide, not a blame-game dictator who thinks he/she knows it all. I was drawn to this career for a chance to serve as a resource that others can use to reach their highest goals.

Here are the questions I asked myself before making my career choice:

What value would I add to those who would pay me?
I am the tool that would directly result in positive, progressive, and long-lasting development for the client organization. My value lies in understanding the culture of the client system as an objective observer and hence be able to create the right environment for Change to happen. Designing systems to enhance the client’s Human Resource Management strategy, and align it with overall company objectives. I would work at the individual level also to make transfer of training a success, coach employees to connect with their company, and build teams to work for a core purpose that reaps rewards for internal and external customers. My value is realized in installing habits at the individual and team levels that consolidates and fulfills profit-generating strategic intentions and systems of an organization.

Why do I want to do this work?
Being a facilitative guide who helps unleash the performance of organizations is a work of art. This work allows me to bring in my multi-diverse personality, fulfills my high need for creative independence, and realizes my life-long personal goal to be recognized as a deep, authentic, original, and artistic intellectual. Choosing this work comes naturally to me as I view it as an art form: designing systems, and finding innovative ways to reach out to the most important resource that organizations have, their people.

How would I continuously learn and innovate in this field?
I am determined to express my ideas and creative instincts if I find they have huge potential to help clients achieve success. However, my passions could be wrong on occasion and therefore I refer to my many mentors who have had decades of experience in their Organization Development consulting practice. I need to be continuously aware of the changing needs of the business world, and how deep-rooted cultural sensitivities can affect it. Besides checking up on my work with the best of the best, it is my duty to be well-informed of case-studies and analyze what worked and why.

Beliefs and trends change and there are no principles that stay constant except those of ethics and professional responsibility. Innovating and trying out new techniques and formats without risking total failure can be done using pilot teams. My personal model of Learning involves reading, assessing, agreeing/disagreeing, re-assessing, trying out new ideas learned, and evaluating their practical results. I innovate by reading, reading, and reading without rest.

What deeper results and satisfaction would I acquire as a result of excelling at work?
This is a most personal question about my work. If I excel in this work, I get to shine and have an unbreakable self-confidence. I will be able to invest in material tools that would further enhance the impact and quality of my work and increase the chances of faster professional advancement at a young age. Excelling and succeeding helps me take more control and add on more responsibilities to myself. Being the best I can be is a tremendous goal that seems overwhelming, but if I manage to work toward it each day by producing excellent work I would consider myself a successful professional and an accomplished individual.


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