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Nadeem (Accountant, Pakistan) July 2006

What are the basic requirements to introduce a Human Resources Management System in a small-sized organization?
Nadeem (Accountant, Pakistan)

Dear Nadeem,
Thank you for your question. I can work with you online and help you structure a process that could introduce HR strategy and implementation in your organization. If you let me in on a little history and your current organization’s cultural situation, I would be glad to come back to you with some steps.

For now, here are some questions that would help me to help you:
What is the structure of your organization? (hierarchy or flatter)
What are the core services that your organization provides its customers?
What gives you the competitive edge in the market?
How do you appraise the performance of employees?
What are the future goals and projections for the company?

Always remember that introducing anything into an organization requires answers to some fundamental questions about the organization’s “reason to be”. It does not matter whether your organization is small or large as long as the intention is to grow. In fact, in a small organization, you may have the advantage of implementing an HRM strategy that supports current business objectives so that your future looks bigger and brighter. If your organization is small, plant the seed of thought and growth now because your company would not want to stay at its current state a few years down the line. Be proactive in setting up processes and systems that support your company’s competitive edge, its people, your customers, and your service to the market. Your organization might be small now, but it can surely grow with the choices you make for it.

Hope this inspires you to start devising your HR business strategy right now! The size and impact of your organization will then increase naturally as a by-product. So to answer your question, the basic requirements are for you to have vision about your company’s future, some heart and determination to bring it to the next level, and to utilize all your available resources in the right way to bring about the change that would actualize your company’s potential.


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