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Sunder (Account, Sultanate of Oman) February 2007

Hi, First, about trying to know about our existence etc, do u think an exact answer can be obtained? We are here now, lets live life to its fullest. maybe rather trying to find our existence, if somebody can answer why we human beings fight against each other, instead of living peacefully without any boundaries, how great it would be?

I applaud you for taking out the time to even ask about our existence as human beings. The average person does not stop and think about why he/she exists.

First of all, let me wholeheartedly agree with you that there is an absolutely urgent need to know why we cause unbearable pain and suffering to our own people of the world. Although the answer is right there, we still turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to it and continue killing each other for land, corporate profiteering, market share, religious rewards, and political power. In fact when you say “Instead of trying to find out why we exist, why not find out what is the cause of humans killing each other” you’ll find a common source and possibly an answer.

I understand that you are trying to move away from philosophical reasoning that apparently does not solve real world problems, but you see I don’t believe that the underlying cause is any different for both issues. If we as people could come up with a larger-than-self-centered-ego view about ourselves as individual persons, I guarantee there would be more peace. And I have to say that this view can only come about through introspective philosophical reflection about our existence.

Our fundamental existence in the world and our purpose may not have a definite and single answer. However each person must chart out a purpose for themselves and reason out their existence, whether it is from a religious perspective or otherwise. One single answer to “why we exist” can actually be translated as “this is who I want to be and that is why I exist”. You exist as a product of what you choose to be. You need to find your own answers and come into what I call your own ‘niche of genuineness’. So where does truth come in? I’m afraid the ‘truth’ is also a product of your choices to believe and not believe. Many contemporary philosophers say that we are subject to determinism and everything is but a chemical reaction. But I say we are so ultra free that we end up destroying ourselves and killing our own out of frustration just to get out of the burden of having to make a choice. We are lazy, weak, and afraid of exercising our will.

Can you close your eyes and imagine a world where people knew that they want to love and be loved, they want to help others achieve dreams, and they want to stop poverty, hatred and injustice where they see it? A peaceful world is possible only when each person believes that his/her existence is so much more than their social circle, their community, their country, and their planet. I’m sad to say we just don’t choose to exist beyond our narrow view of what it means to BE. Ask anyone who they are and all they will tell you is “Jack” or “I’m an accountant.” Most people’s worlds are confined only to their job, their address, and their bank balance.

You are not even a grain of sand in this infinitely large universe of ours my friend. Wake up and look at the stars. How far does your immortality reach? Will you even be around to experience this power after you’ve killed a few hundred million people with a push of a button? What is all the power in the world for? Do we have a reason to live beyond hoarding land and money? Why are we here on earth and why is it the only planet with intelligent life (that we know of)? Why do we exist and what does it mean to “be”?

Human beings are the only species capable of the greatest good and the greatest evil. Our intelligent abilities have given rise to our selfish nature. Our conscious existence goes beyond what we currently know, think, and feel. But we choose very easily not to accept this.


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