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Sunder (Account, Sultanate of Oman) February 2007

With respect to organizational goals etc, i have been to many companies for audit. All the management practices are at classroom only. What happens at the company are at the whims and fancies of those running the companies. You hardly find companies with any clear goals, except the goal to make money. Same goes with employees , ie earning income. well i haven't gone deep into ur blogging. i wish to go through and may be i can comment much better. the above thought is just an immediate reaction. Well I liked ur blog on anxiety.
Take care, bye sunder

Thank you so much for reading my blog. The post on anxiety is the one I would pick out if I had to represent all the work that I do and who I’m about. I’m glad we saw eye to eye on that reflection! Now onto your very poignant question.

You have raised an issue that does not seem to be regarded as a problem by most organizations here. Organizations and employees only care about making money, and this is the way of the business world and its ethics. To create a solution my orientation has always been to involve people more than processes and more so from a philosophical view about how people work. Just like I urge people to ask themselves why they exist, I urge organizations to ask that same very question.

I have come to believe that well-documented and meticulous management practices are nothing more than ingrained habits (that is why the word ‘practice’). The fear of breaking habits, no matter how insignificant that fear is proven to be, is the no. 1 reason why organizations resist change. Many managerial personnel prefer to believe that they are safe in their old ways of doing things, when safety actually lies in unleashing creative potential, breaking tradition, and taking risks that could change the course of your organization’s destiny. Here is my message to all managers and employees who want to be leaders: if you don’t change age-old traditions to face changes demanded by your consumers, you will NOT be safe.

An organization’s goal is always of course to make profit. This is not in any way unethical. Maybe not overnight, but your profit will arrive smoother if you have your consumers’ and employees’ best interests at heart. This principle should drive management policy and should penetrate your organization’s culture and social dynamics. What I cannot stress enough is that Management must involve the people. Whims and fancies of those in control are inevitable to face. But true organizational leaders know that it is in their company’s best interest to be secure in the future by letting the best of their people shape it. This is exactly what I do in my consulting work when I moderate group interactions with people from the client system itself to reach their goal.

It is also not in any way unethical for an employee to want to make money. That in itself is not something to be derided. However, if you are an employee you should truly deserve your money. Your earnings will be sweeter when you have the will to do your best creative work using your natural faculties. Choose not to play the blame-games that are so prevalent in office politics. Choose to serve your clients like you would your own family. I know this is easier said than done but my positive self believes it to be possible… If your organization decides to let you go for this non-traditional behavior, let them because they will miss the quality of the relationships you forged with clients who come along with you! All I would say is that it is wise to accept a lower salary if you know your work can make a huge impact in your field and get you great credibility for your consumers and your organization which will surely fetch you a higher income in time.


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