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I unwind in my room on my lazy cushions after an entire day of being bombarded with air and noise pollution plus the exciting realities of an upcoming Organization Development professional. I am proud to present to you my favorite things.. books, movies, music, and internet hang-outs.. things that give me a whole lot to think about while getting my mind off other mundane stuff. Not a night goes by without having thought about something deep and perplexing..

My goal is to read one book at least every 4 weeks. Reading is so important to me. It is one of the reasons that made me decide on an independent career that would let me make the time I need to indulge in the most prized achievement of our human race.. documentation of expression.

Only Love is Real Dr. Brian Weiss
he subject of reincarnation and soul mates has been occupying my spiritual mind of late. Penned by one of the foremost authorities in past-life regression therapy this is an interesting story about two individuals who were regressed independently by Dr. Weiss who reported the same past lifetimes together. Although scientifically, I know the mind is a very funny thing that can make stuff up to suit your life situation, this book may open doors to answer a tiny part of the question of what consciousness is, and whether we are more than just the collective firing of neurons.

Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett
ll I can say is WOW. This novel blew me away when I first read it 14 years ago, but incidentally it resurfaced 2 years ago and revived its popularity. The characters, politics, religious fervor, and epic backdrop of a cathedral project makes this story an incredible read. It is the only book I’ve read twice in my life. My passion for this book got me the honor of expressing my questions to the author through Oprah when she named it as one of her book club selections! I proudly own a signed copy from Ken Follett.

The Greatness Guide Robin Sharma
s most of you know, I am a fan of Robin Sharma’s leadership philosophy. It is clear, simple, and simply true. In his latest book, he reveals his personal secrets of success, a lot of which I follow in my own life. Getting to greatness is a combination of purpose, time-management, physical health and fitness, and the courage to act. This book is highly refreshing with no confusing management theories or models.

Philosophy – The Latest Answers to the Oldest Questions Nicholas Fearn
n a book that combines travelogue and Philosophy, Nicholas Fearn asks the world’s most famous contemporary philosophers their answers to life’s most enduring questions: who am I? how do I know? And what should I do? Their answers provide a brilliant and entertaining guide to the current state of the philosophical art. Today’s prominent thinkers, who include Peter Singer, Daniel Dennett, and Jacques Derrida believe that free will and identity are not what they seem, that the difference between good and evil is often a matter of sheer luck, and that one day we will all be vegetarian.

Leadership the Inner Side of Greatness, A Philosophy for Leaders Peter Koestenbaum
egendary business philosopher and thinker Peter Koestenbaum expands on his leadership theories and invites managers to break out of the ordinary managerial mindset. He reveals how striving for greatness enables managers to focus their efforts and grasp new ideas and insights by bringing intensity and meaning to their work--thereby improving their ability to achieve bottom-line results.

It is going to be an honour meeting Dr. Peter Koestenbaum in September 2006 for the Global Organization Development Summit (GODS) (www.odsummitindia.org) in Mysore, India.

A Fine Balance Rohinton Mistry
have never felt more emotional after reading any other book. The setting is in India, focusing on the lower sections of poverty-stricken society plagued by caste feuds and sickening social norms. The story is a testimony to how life is considered cheap in a country of over a billion citizens. I felt closer to my people as a result of this book that gave me such a heightened sense of gratitude for all that I am fortunate to have. Life goes on in this town by literally begging on the streets, and finding happiness in the minutest of things.

Sophie's World Jostein Gaarder
high school favourite! This book changed my life as it introduced me to Philosophy in the most fun way as possible. This book is a perfect gift for your 14-year old if you are keen on refining his/her mind for the future. Its a simple story of a girl named Sophie who comes across a mysterious brown envelope one day that contains a one-line question about the meaning of life and the universe. One line of words changed the way she thought about her world. This book does not rant and rave about philosophical jargon that normally creates such resistence in young minds today.

Progressive Muslims Omid Safi
collection of literary works by contemporary Muslim thinkers from all over the globe. They grapple with global and personal issues facing the Muslim world, especially after 9/11. This is again a book that would require an astute critical mind so you shouldn't be looking to get entertained with this book. It is for serious learners who yearn to get a sense of varying perspectives from Muslim scholars. Do not miss this book especially if you are an anthropologist, sociologist, philosopher, or psychologist.

Even Angels Ask Jeffrey Lang
n honest, raw, heart-wrenching treatise written by an American convert to Islam and his experiences in his new Muslim community. He writes about his struggles as a new Muslim and reveals his perception of how the community reacted to his entrance. Again, I don't mean to make this sound simple. Great works of expression are never that simple and straightforward. Read this book if you are interested in the real story about what happens after someone has made a life-changing decision that alters his identity forever.

The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown
ome of my intellectual friends didn't like this one because it was a fast-paced commercial-type novel. I agree with that but I still put it on my list because of the sheer plot of it. I was biased into selecting this book as one of my favourites because of the art history. As an artist myself, I felt close to the Louvre and the works in it. I have been a fan of the historical Da Vinci ever since I was a kid and read about him in school.. not to mention the obvious philosophical underpinnings in the book, and exciting code-breaking scenes that just tickled my fancy (and I thought crosswords were exciting).

The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dosteovsky
ne of my absolute favourite pieces of literature. I plan to read this book again soon to gain a greater depth of the characters and their philosophical life situations. A story of 4 brothers who are on a totally different path in their lives, one who is a priest and the other a die-hard atheist. It is just not that simple though.. it is a long book that needs an entire summer to sink in so make sure you're reading level is high up there and you can make the time before venturing into it. Be in a sublime philosophical mood.. its the kind of book you can't put down once it starts penetrating your mind.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Robin Sharma
lose friends of mine will tell you that Robin Sharma has made quite an impression on me. He makes sense. Nobody said his ways are easy to follow, but I believe they are very helpful if  you want to enrich your life and be remembered the way you want to be after you die. Don't get him wrong as he is no religious fanatic.

He offers a practical way to get spiritual about your life and take it to new dimensions simply by installing positive habits for yourself. I had the privilege of meeting him March 2006 in Dubai at his Leadership Development workshop. He's one of the few that walks the talk.

I had the privilege of interacting with Robin Sharma in March 2006 during his Elite Performers Series Workshop held in Dubai.

Man's Search for Meaning Viktor Frankl
his book is a true account of the author's ordeal at a Nazi concentration camp. He survived terrible hardship in the depths of depression at Hitler's death camp, and lived to tell the tale of how he did it. His message of survival and the human spirit is rooted in the idea that if you can find meaning in what you go through, you can survive anything. So if you are down and out, read this one and feel good about yourself because there is meaning in almost everything.

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