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Welcome to Mubeena.Gallery
Painting and photography are amateur hobbies of mine that help relieve stress while developing my sense of vision and imagination. It is a mental workout that stretches my mind to look at the world for its beauty rather than its negativity. Art should strike you immediately, positively, and intimately.

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Creative Flow
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Village Singers
Village Singers: Click to see larger picture.

My comfortable transition to painting figurines, these women are serene and powerful.

Flutey Feeling
Flutey Feeling: Click to see larger picture.

Man on the street playing his worries away.

ReCORD: Click to see larger picture.

Singing the heart out and creating color with her voice.

After the rain
After the rain: Click to see larger picture.

Itís a ruined building but it comes to life when nobodyís around.

Angel Rider
Angel Rider: Click to see larger picture.

I literally wanted to create a BRILLIANT bike with a red engine! Zoom away everybody.

Ganesha: Click to see larger picture.

Announcing my new business venture with this auspicious sign. Iím finally stepping up to the demand I receive for creating custom art work. This is the first work Iím putting up for sale, a depiction of the Hindu elephant God who is often called when Hindus start something new.

Horseys: Click to see larger picture.

This is a gift I presented to my 8 year old niece for her birthday. She is old enough to start appreciating art and she loves horseys, so it was the perfect picture for her.

Vietnam: Click to see larger picture.

Through so many trials like rain and dust, this canvas even got blown off by a gusty wind. Ironically this scene had flying colors when I was done.

Arabian Dream
Arabian Dream: Click to see larger picture.

This work has been the most emotional artistic experience ever. Look at her long enough and she will speak to you.

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