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Welcome to Mubeena.Gallery
Painting and photography are amateur hobbies of mine that help relieve stress while developing my sense of vision and imagination. It is a mental workout that stretches my mind to look at the world for its beauty rather than its negativity. Art should strike you immediately, positively, and intimately.

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Creative Flow
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Respect: Click to see larger picture.

We often neglect smaller creatures that inhabit our earth. Here’s to respecting the innocent.

Mary: Click to see larger picture.

I leave it to you to decide whether this woman is Mary the Virgin or Mary the Magdalene.

Blue Birdie
Blue Birdie: Click to see larger picture.

One of my first ever soft pastel works during my early teens.

La Porte de Paradis
La Porte de Paradis: Click to see larger picture.

Inspired by Thai exteriors on my trip to Thailand a number of years ago.

Striving for Light
Striving for Light: Click to see larger picture.

My one and only still life painting. Although this turned out lovely, I am not used to these dark colors.

Venice Romance
Venice Romance: Click to see larger picture.

No matter what angle you look at it from, the window seems to move like you can open it wider.

Window Pain
Window Pain: Click to see larger picture.

My biggest work yet. This painting inspired by a Sandeep Bhattacharya original.

Secret Garden
Secret Garden: Click to see larger picture.

I called this one 'Secret Garden' because it still is one of my favorite stories from childhood.

Between Us [2]
Between Us [2]: Click to see larger picture.

I finished this one in one night staying up till 3 a.m..

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