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Welcome to Mubeena.Gallery
Painting and photography are amateur hobbies of mine that help relieve stress while developing my sense of vision and imagination. It is a mental workout that stretches my mind to look at the world for its beauty rather than its negativity. Art should strike you immediately, positively, and intimately.

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Through my lens
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Geese Asleep at the Hotel
Geese Asleep at the Hotel: Click to see larger picture.

Geese asleep during the daytime at the Windflower Hotel in Mysore.

Mysore Palace Temple
Mysore Palace Temple: Click to see larger picture.

A Hindu temple visited by the ancient kings near their palace in Mysore.

Mysore Palace at Night
Mysore Palace at Night: Click to see larger picture.

The very famous entrance to the Mysore Palace at night.

Brindavan Gardens
Brindavan Gardens: Click to see larger picture.

I captured this to document how different the trees look from the shrubs and the grass.

Thai Wall Art
Thai Wall Art: Click to see larger picture.

A beautiful image taken in Thailand in one of the Buddist temples in Chiang Mai, a traditional city.

Thailand Waterfall
Thailand Waterfall: Click to see larger picture.

My favorite natural wonder is water. The sound of this waterfall made me capture this image.

Thai Stupa
Thai Stupa: Click to see larger picture.

A religious shrine right at the top of the mountains in Chiang Mai.

Thai Rain-forest
Thai Rain-forest: Click to see larger picture.

This was an excursion I've never forgotten I took into a jungle in Thailand.

Thai Flowers
Thai Flowers: Click to see larger picture.

I'm not a pro photographer but I certainly love this picture.

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