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Welcome to Mubeena.Gallery
Painting and photography are amateur hobbies of mine that help relieve stress while developing my sense of vision and imagination. It is a mental workout that stretches my mind to look at the world for its beauty rather than its negativity. Art should strike you immediately, positively, and intimately.

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Creative Flow
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Between Us [1]
Between Us [1]: Click to see larger picture.

I started abstract portraits by mustering up all my courage.

Watch Your Step
Watch Your Step: Click to see larger picture.

A shy lady left a basket of handpicked flowers outside this young man's house.

Enigmatic Blue Window
Enigmatic Blue Window: Click to see larger picture.

A bright little picture I made in high school with soft-pastels.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu: Click to see larger picture.

A dreamy soft-pastel of another one from my Doors and Windows series.

Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller: Click to see larger picture.

A reflection of my state of mind as I am having a stint with Astrology at the moment.

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