"Energy has more to do with calmness and discipline, not hyperactivity."  

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What I aspire to be as a human being. The reason I want to live in this world. Who I am as a person and who I want to be. The truth about my personality.

Core Goals
Life Goals. Vision of My World. Who I want to Be. Manifesting my Personality through Action. Proving Myself to Myself.
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My Perfect World
Goals for My Soul
Weekly Success Practices

Philosophical and Personal Reflections. Expressing my Perceptions and Intuitions. Blogging It. Raw and Real Opinions.
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Personal Reflections
Dialog on Religion
Leader Talk

My Works of Art. Moments to Cherish. Pics of Me with People in my Life. Results of My Creative Flow.
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Book Fair
My Favorite Reads. Inspiration Through the Written Word. Great Writers and Thinkers of our Time. Get Your Nose in these Books.
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Book I am Reading Now
Books of all time
Next on my to-read list


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I have questions to all your answers!. Welcome To Mubeena.Net!.
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