"Miracles and contradictions exist because love exists."  

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Why I choose to do the work I do. The difference I make for my clients. The professional I dream to be. The work I consider sacred and pure.

Organization Development, HR Systems Design, Performance Management, Change Facilitation, Transfer of Training, Executive Coaching, Building teams for a core purpose that reaps rewards for individuals and the entire group.

Professional Purpose
Where I Make a Measurable Difference. Realizing My Global Scope. Making My Career Mean More. Surpassing Myself with Sacred Work. My Professional Purpose.
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Professional Purpose
About my line of work
HR Strategic Success Model
My Organization Development philosophy

About my work
Background and Resume. Value Adds for Your Organization. Current Projects and Experience. True Organization Development. My Professional Connections.
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My Profile
My Resume
Corporate Services
Organization Development

Client Experiences
Client Stories. Customer Success Beyond Satisfaction. Being Client-Dedicated. Making Your Goal My Goal. Credibility Through Consistency. My Wish for Unique Client Experiences.
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Experience the Unique
Client Testimony

Philosophy on Organization Change. Free Presentations and Papers. Preview of Written Proposals. Blog on Change Management.
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Work Samples
Articles and Presentations
Professional Blog
Research Work

Professionals in the field dedicated to quality service. I associate with these mentors, colleagues, and specialists who have proven themselves in their area of organizational success.
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Roland Sullivan
Sean Brickell
Nigel Fann
Dr. William Rothwell
Dr. Peter Koestenbaum


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