"99% of intelligence is imagination."  

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Leader Talk
Welcome to the brand new Leader Talk section! Here I share with you some of the most profound talks from leaders in every field of the social and physical sciences. I may not agree fully with all of the talks I post! So my mission here is to present to you speakers who are funny as well as entertaining, who put forth ideas that you should at least find interesting, if not downright convincing on every occasion. Enjoy the most influential, intellectual, philosophical, entertaining, and relevant discussions that our planet needs to have right now. You’ll find my brief comments on each talk, and I encourage you to express your own viewpoints by posting a comment. Courtesy of ted.com, ideas worth spreading.
These “Cool Quotes” are my favorite sayings, invented by myself but inspired by others who have crossed my path. When I need an energy lift, I do two things: drink two bottles of water, and/or read these powerful words. They are intellectual, sacred, light, shiny, and always succeed with a feel-good moment.
Dialog on Religion
Here’s some of my responses to some of the greatest contemporary philosophical questions on religion, god, spirituality, and morality. I will be adding to this collection of responses as I play more of the game. (courtesy of www.philosophersnet.com). The most important advice I can give you is to find your own answers to these questions, instead of setting out to agree or disagree with mine. If you have a unique view on what I’ve written, please do drop me a line. Remember, one right question is more important than any multitude of answers, because it will force you to think in ways that challenge who you are.
Personal Reflections
As a deep thinker, I had to make a decision about whether to make my most personal beliefs public. Sometimes I’d think that I should keep my thoughts to myself and let the world run. But eventually I relented and knew inside my heart of hearts that one thought and one expression could make a significant difference to someone else’s way of thinking. And so here is my personal reflection blog, where I’ve penned down my thoughts on various issues facing our world and our individual selves. I need to express my opinions so here they are. Get Lost and Find Yourself.

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