"Wondering about the existence of the universe is a sign of a higher state of organic evolution."  

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I unwind in my room on my lazy cushions after an entire day of being bombarded with air and noise pollution plus the exciting realities of an upcoming Organization Development professional. I am proud to present to you my favorite things.. books, movies, music, and internet hang-outs.. things that give me a whole lot to think about while getting my mind off other mundane stuff. Not a night goes by without having thought about something deep and perplexing..
Book I am Reading Now
The Battle For God by Karen Armstrong: I consider this as one of the most important books of our time. It is a historical analysis of how the major monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have gone through fundamentalist ideology in their evolutions. The book takes a look at the myths, philosophies, and realities of these belief-systems and why they claim such significance for humanity.

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