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My Organization Development philosophy
Iíd like to introduce you to my Organization Development philosophy, and my view that individual leadership is the hallmark of every organizationís success. This presentation highlights theories and models Iíve created based on global research and conversations with world renowned OD practictioners like Dr. Peter Koestenbaum, Roland Sullivan, Dr. Michael Beer, and Dr. Udai Pareek. It also includes competencies Iíd like to develop as a consultant, as well as the most common scenarios I face in companies that approach me for designing an intervention.
HR Strategic Success Model
I am happy to share with you a model I've been working on for achieving strategic organizational success with an Human Resources Management System. I created this model based on my assessment of key areas, philosophies, thought processes, and actions required for ongoing growth and success in an organization.
About my line of work
Questioning My Career Choice. Carving out My Identity. Discovering my Calling. Refining My Talents. Waking Up to What I Love. Questions About My Line of Work.
Professional Purpose
Where I Make a Measurable Difference. Realizing My Global Scope. Making My Career Mean More. Surpassing Myself with Sacred Work. My Professional Purpose.

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