"Miracles and contradictions exist because love exists."  

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Organization Development
The new business environment is revolutionary. Gone are the days of planned change, incremental change, continuous improvement, and change management. Old ways of organizing and doing business have been made irrelevant because the demands of an ever competitive and changing environment are increasing the need for knowledge about how to lead organization change effectively (Beer & Nohria, 2000).
Corporate Services
Seasoned expertise in the following areas related to Organization Development and Human Resource Development.
My Resume
To apply my knowledge of Organizational Psychology to facilitate the development and core performance of organizations with a focus on research-based analysis in Human Resources and Change Management strategies.
My Profile
Her knowledge base is focused on Psychology and Philosophy, with an applied aim of integrating the two disciplines to generate her own theory of Organization Development. Her mission is to facilitate extraordinary results in organizations by applying her knowledge of Organizational Psychology. She believes that within companies there exists in innate ability for excellence and self-realization of hidden potential.

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