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Being an independent professional does not necessarily mean I work alone. I often seek the guidance and include the expertise of various specialists in core factors of an organization's success for the client to get their unique experience. I associate with professionals who have high-standing credibility in their craft, who genuinely care about helping clients make profit, who love the work they do, and are committed in transferring key competencies in developing leadership organizations. I am proud to be associated with an incredibly futuristic set of people.
Dr. Peter Koestenbaum
PETER KOESTENBAUM, Ph.D., founder and Chairman of PiB and the Koestenbaum Institute, brings leadership philosophy to business people globally. Koestenbaum's Leadership Diamond® is a complete program of leadership awareness.
Dr. William Rothwell
William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, is Professor of Workplace Learning and Performance on the University Park campus of The Pennsylvania State University. He is also President of his own private consulting company, Rothwell and Associates, Inc, a full-service consulting firm that offers services in Succession Planning and Management. As a consultant, he has worked with over 35 multinational corporations.
Nigel Fann
Nigel has been involved in sales, customer service and management training for the past twenty three years. During this time He has developed an in-depth understanding of different organizational cultures, their developmental needs and a feeling for people, especially sales people. In this niche market, he has no peers.
Sean Brickell
Seán Brickell is one of UK’s top communications & presentation experts and motivational speakers & coaches. He can transform the way you present yourself and communicate your products and services as well as motivate and inspire you to win more business.
Roland Sullivan
Since the mid-1960's, he has been a full time organization development (OD) pioneer. He has worked with over 1100 organizations in 19 countries and in virtually every major industry.

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