"Facing more failures increases the chance of success ten-fold."  

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On Business
Companies Without Clear Goals
Sunder (Account, Sultanate of Oman) February 2007
Linking ancient Philosophy to modern Management.
Gervase, Teacher, India. September 2006
How and why small businesses must maintain high quality
Harsh (Consultant, India) August 2006
Training students to achieve practical success in the field of Organization Development
Jeroo (Consultant, India) July 2006
What it basically takes to introduce HRM Systems in small-sized organizations
Nadeem (Accountant, Pakistan) July 2006
Why performance management systems must not be eliminated
Sriidhar (Consultant, India) July 2006

On Personal Philosophy
Why we exist
Sunder (Account, Sultanate of Oman) February 2007
About a woman’s choice to wear hijab
Shafath (Student, Saudi Arabia) July 2006

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