"Energy has more to do with calmness and discipline, not hyperactivity."  

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Welcome to Mubeena.Net.
I am very honored by your visit and wish you an enriching, interactive experience during your stay. Thank you for spending your precious time at the site, and hope to see you checking back here for blog posts, new additions to the picture gallery, news on what my current work projects are, resources for students and professionals, and much more as this site evolves.

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Welcome to the brand new Leader Talk section! Here I share with you some of the most profound talks from leaders in every field of the social and physical sciences. I may not agree fully with all of the talks I post! So my mission here is to present to you speakers who are funny as well as entertaining, who put forth ideas that you should at least find interesting, if not downright convincing on every occasion.  Go there.


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“The Museum of Innocence” by Orhan Pamuk ISBN: 0307386244.

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After much thinking, I relented and knew inside my heart of hearts that one thought and one expression could make a significant difference to someone else’s way of thinking.


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I have questions to all your answers!. Welcome To Mubeena.Net!.
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