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mubeena mohammed


business advisor






actually, i am a whole lot more. but let’s not overwhelm you. 

I’m also a writer working on my debut thriller, provide services as a professional listener and read tarot cards. In my “let’s spark joy” time, I love to paint, read, cook, read some more and think about the state of the world. How did I get into all of this?  

What invisibly connects my manuscript editing, counseling and survey crunching? The story that unravels, of course.

My first life-changing experience at 11 was when I was dipped into the desert of Dubai. It wasn’t a city of futuristic proportions at the time. School sucked (they probably let me stay because I’d win swim meets). My only loves were English and Art and I couldn’t understand why these pursuits didn’t guarantee a “bright future your parents can be proud of”. But Dubai changed and so did I.

Then, I transferred schools. It was an international community and I interacted with people who didn’t look like me for the first time ever. I relished the exposure but still hated the regimen of high school. Some bullying but also lifelong friends. And here’s where I met my third love, Philosophy. Big questions bit me like bugs and being in my head was safe and exciting. 


College came along. New York. A long way from home for 6 years. I grew intellectually, studying Psychology and Philosophy, then a Masters’ in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I interned at a Fortune 500 company, a stark reminder of how I loathed a 9 to 5 routine. What I did pick up was my natural gift of telling a story with data. I credit my 20+ years of workplace consulting success with this one quality. Discovered I was sensitive to toxic work environments and thus developed an interest in employee engagement. My soul turned half-American during this time and remains largely so. 

On a trip to Thailand, I had, what I believe to be, a near death experience. The tide pulled me in with a force so unforgiving that I decided to forgive it. When I surrendered and tumbled deeper watching surfers above, time stood still. A male voice (in my head or not, who knows) said to me, “You can come with me now or go back. Take your time to decide.” I shot back. “No way I die on a beach in Thailand. How unoriginal.” And I was pulled onto the sand in a flash. My spiritual self was born with a simple realization – being a champion swimmer didn’t mean I had to love sea water. 

There’s more. Point is, when you work with me you’ll get the whole of ME – perspective, culture, humanity and spirit. You might wonder what invisibly connects my manuscript editing, counseling and employee survey crunching? The story that unravels, of course. To be continued.


let’s craft your journey. the end result is just the beginning. 

The experience of working with me will be unforgettable. How do I know this? Because as there’s only one of you, there’s only one of me. I bring soul into a project, not just technical know-how. Ready to work with a person who is invested in your success and peace of mind? Then you’re in the right place. Here are my offerings.

Developmental Editing

Writing a novel or non-fiction book? As a developmental editor, I will bring your story to life by helping you connect with your audience through your voice, structure, plot, characters and more. Your manuscript will be ready for agents and publishers.

Workplace Consulting

In my 20+ years of management consulting in the Human Resources space, the employee experience has been overlooked. With recent transformations in work culture, explore how my employee satisfaction survey makes all the difference to employee engagement levels. 

Professional Listening

With background in psychology and counseling, I was disillusioned with the traditional psychotherapy model that boxes people with diagnoses, labels and problems that need to be fixed. I have developed a new healing model that uses philosophy, spirituality and your own self. 

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